oadRash Board Co. was founded in a garage in Prescott [Pres-kit] AZ in 2006. What began as a summer hobby to create custom handmade longboards for a few friends quickly grew into an artful passion of pushing longboards to the next level.
Over the past seven years we have moved from here and there, but we never lost our drive, and have continually worked hard to take our once flat plywood boards and transform them into pieces of art that have perfect concave and camber to ride even better than they look.

Every board that RoadRash creates is hand crafted and the graphics are hand applied. Our attention to detail ensures a quality product. We will not deliver a board that we are not proud of and ready to stand behind, or on for that matter.

We believe creating a custom longboard is a collaborative effort. Never hesitate to contact the RoadRash team with questions, design ideas, or even a good joke!

We look forward to creating a one-of-a-kind board for you that is guaranteed to turn heads and make a statement.

Keep Calm and Ride On!